Why Should I Be Using Google Ads?

Adam Guttadauro

Recently, I had to explain Google ads to a client in detail, and at first, I was a little lost. It had been so long since I had to explain the process to anyone, that I got a little lost. So, I decided to write about why any business that has a website should be using Google Ads.

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So, why should my business be using Google Ads?

Well, that is a great question and I like to explain it like this. Let’s say you own a car dealership on the busiest road in town. You build a big building and put a giant sign up, and you definitely catch the eyes of everyone passing by.

The problem?

I’m not going to the dealership unless I need a car, regardless of how cool it looks. But, if I am looking for a car, then I am going right to that dealership with the big building and sign. 

With basic digital advertisement, much like the car dealership, you are reaching out to a mass of people hoping someone is in need of your product or service. With Google Ads, the audience that sees your ad is already searching for your product or service, so they are more inclined to interact with the ad. It creates a stronger stream of qualified buyers because you don’t have to create interest. Cool, right?

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