How Much Does It Cost To Come Up First On Google Search?

Adam Guttadauro

Ahhh, the age-old question with no real answer. Google search has become an extremely powerful tool for businesses to generate revenue over the past few years, with 91% of people using search engines to find information. Google search is definitely a hot market, but with that comes competition for the most highly searched keywords. So, with that being said, it has to be a bidding war, right? Wrong… kind of.

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I'm Ready To Come Up First On Google

So, before we get into it, I want to break down what SEO actually is. The dictionary definition of SEO “a methodology of strategies, techniques, and tactics used to increase the number of visitors to a website by obtaining a high ranking placement in the search results page of a search engine (SERP) – including Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines.” 

In more detail, SEO encompasses on-page elements, link building, off-page elements, keyword building, and cohesiveness between SEO and your social media marketing.  There is no exact price you can pay Google to come up first on your desired search result, but you can do things like run Google Ads that can place you on the top of the page on a pay-per-click basis, but it is not organic and you may not show up when it matters most.

The real cost of SEO comes in hiring an experienced, reputable agency to manage an SEO campaign. SEO can be great for your business if done properly, but if you try to do it yourself and you are not experienced, it can be detrimental to your site as you could pick up bad links, or use practices that Google can deem unethical and blacklist you.